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ABM for Sales Teams

Break down your revenue barriers

Enterprise buying is a team sport that relies on awareness, trust, and relevancy. Let us help build connections across your revenue team, so we can win the damn deals, together.

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Shift your GTM

Go from lead gen to deal gen. Keep your sales team selling and drive OTE through the roof.

Slower decisions require trust. Let’s get off the MQL mission and start driving revenue. They aren’t the same.

  • Empower marketing to create and deliver the right content to the right people (in the right accounts), and surface more opportunities using all the right touchpoints.
  • Enable sellers to focus on expert questioning, strategic insight in conversations, relationship building, and deal framing, so more deals go to closed/won.
  • Run monthly deal blitzes that create tremendous account engagement, resulting in high-impact outbound that yields substantial pipeline in a short period of time.

Get to more deals, faster!

Land more net new logos. Get the air cover your sellers need for faster sale cycles and bigger deal sizes.

The road to every big deal must be paved with awareness, education, and engagement long before your sellers approach you.

  • Get less: “I’m not sure who your company is or what you do, but can you give me the run down?”
  • Get more: “I see your contact center is stuck on-prem. Are you looking to move to the cloud?”

Always on Engagement, education, and value

Expand revenue and retain more customers

Lone sellers don’t have to win attention on their own any longer. Now they can do it with a complete digital campaigns aligned with their sales goals. And, more importantly, aligned with your buyer’s needs.

  • Support your sellers with a complete digital surround strategy that includes their input to help move relationships and deals forward
  • Build a digital blueprint around your highest value customers, so you’re not leaving revenue up to chance
  • Protect your customer base from more savvy sales and marketing efforts by being first, being relevant, and being aggressive.

The ideal seller experience

Enterprise Sales enablement–the way it should be.

Keep your focus on selling and not about using a platform. Help your marketing peers do their jobs. Enterprise sellers need to set their sights on account strategy, relationship building, networking and opportunities.

  • Create fully coordinated content creation and deployment so buying councils in your target accounts feel like they already know you
  • Maximize sales team efficiency by eliminating activities that should live somewhere between marketing and sales
  • Streamline workflows so your sales team is focused on closing the deal not hunting down leads

Keep sales about selling

Hire our account based SDR team— we do deal prospecting for you

Our Account Development Representatives are trained in outbound copywriting that delivers actual value to prospects on how to solve their problems, open their minds to hearing new approaches, and walk towards your team before we ask for time.

  • Deploy empathetic outbound—all the marketing activities you ask sellers to do, when they’d rather be selling and making in-roads
  • Omnichannel outbound done on your seller’s behalf–the most efficient distribution of work imaginable for enterprise sales
  • Gain competitive advantage with ADR’s fully enabled and building strategy within the marketing team for maximum deal flow

Get to more deals, faster!

Never lose another deal because a contact left again.

Long, high-stakes, relationship-driven sales cycles collapse when a contact leaves—but not in ABM. With the entire suspected buying council getting the engagement, education, and value over a continuous effort, everyone who needs to know, does. This lets you keep the opportunity in motion.

  • Keep more deals moving by creating awareness, engagement and relationships with the entire suspected buying council.
  • Get your buying councils to a fully educated state, so they ask great buying questions instead of spinning cycles on the basics.
  • Never lose the sales effort invested into an account, no matter who comes or goes.

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Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.

Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.