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ABM for the C-Suite

Turn marketing into the revenue partner sales needs

If you’re expecting bigger opportunities and higher net revenue retention, your revenue team needs to focus on awareness, trust and relevancy within all of your target accounts.

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“Ampfactor has helped us tie our tactic selection to our business growth strategy and drive our sales and marketing teams’ integration far beyond what it has ever been. It’s like they are both finally chasing after the same revenue targets.”

Sean Mares

Sean Mares

Chief Marketing Officer

Shift your GTM

Growing at 10X or stagnant, there are four things marketing always has to do effectively

If you’re skeptical about marketing, we understand. Too many folks spend their time worried about vanity metrics and not focused on the end results: closed won deals. We think of your revenue team as one cohesive unit, even if it’s not there yet.

GTM with the mentality that every customer comes first!

Real growth comes from building exponential relationships that amount to a potential and eventual book of business. The precursor to that is delivering value consistently and being familiar.

  • Talk to as many future customers as possible before they become prospects. Its about community, listening, and intel.
  • Invest in creating content from those future customers so you can be relevant and help solve their current problems.
  • Engage all the potential decision makers and influencers in 100% of the accounts that matter to you. It’s always on growth.

Need an ROI? Invest smarter than that

Math is probably the most important driver of growth besides good business instincts. But if your modus operende is to buy marketing like you buy socks at Costco — expecting instant results so you can prove an ROI early to limit your risk, you’re stealing from tomorrow. You know it breaks your own common sense intuition. Your intentions are right. But your execution is wrong, and probably for lack of a good option.

  • Invest in marketing strategy and tactics that consider your entire funnel and velocity of your growth fly wheel.
  • Opt-in to business fundamental driven marketing and stop backing spaghetti marketing in the name of ROI you know probably doesn’t exist.
  • Start measuring the right things for the right reasons—MQL’s indicate branding performance, Sales Qualified Opportunities indicate future revenues.

B2B sales has become more complex with longer sales cycles and anonymous buyers.

B2B buyers have rapidly changed in the last five years. Your buyers are more numerous, more digital and more demanding that ever! This means longer sales cycle and ultimately, dangerous revenues.

  • Put an end to buyer anonymity
  • Find them, know them, engage them
  • Shorten the sales cycle and reach buyers before competitors
  • Win more deals, win bigger deals

We’re better together. It’s a known problem.

If your marketing team is tasked with generating leads and your sales team is challenged with closing deals, then no one is looking beyond their own duties to understand how to best support each other.

  • Ensure that sales sees ABM as a “need-to-have”
  • Build trust and show your sales team how you can help them win and grow accounts
  • Involve sales in the entire ABM strategy from the initial ICP, to account selection, to insights development and value prop.
  • Focus on the account experience. What’s the journey you want the account to go through from initial awareness through to commit?

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Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.

Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.