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Ampfactor partners with your revenue team to hunt for exponential, accelerated, and predictable growth. We can help your organization grow with a full suite of account based marketing agency services and programs

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“Ampfactor has helped us tie our tactic selection to our business growth strategy and drive our sales and marketing teams’ integration far beyond what it has ever been. It’s like they are both finally chasing after the same revenue targets.”

Sean Mares

Sean Mares

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ABM as a Service

Implementing an ABM strategy can be daunting. Outsourcing the heavy lifting to experts who already have the latest in-house technology and time-tested techniques, make it painless and effective. ABM is a nuanced strategy that includes a framework that takes time to learn and understand.


ABM Consulting Services

If you’re adopting an ABM program, refining your account-based strategy, or just need more from your current activities, Ampfactor can help, with a full suite of account based marketing consulting services. We will help you with strategy, target accounts, account planning, and playbook development so your marketing and sales teams can find more customers.

ABM Agency Services

A successful account based marketing program requires constant collaboration between the marketing team and the sales team. Sometimes, your team can’t get all the work done, and Ampfactor can help fill in the gaps. If you need help with account based marketing services like content creation, event execution, account based marketing advertising, and much more, we’re here for you. And if you’re still on the fence, check out this blog post about why teams hire an ABM agency.

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We’re a different kind of Account Based Marketing agency

Depending on how you grew up as a marketer you might define ABM as display ads, as custom landing pages, as customized content that lives on a programmatic hub, as gifting, or as any other account based marketing strategies. At Ampfactor, it’s all of that, and we include sales development reps to help humanize the engagement across the top of the demand gen waterfall.

No matter what your sales and marketing goals are, breaking into valuable accounts with a fully-aligned go to market strategy is just one of the account based marketing examples that separate us from the pack.

Last but certainly not least, you can run account-based marketing (ABM) on our stack or yours. No expensive tech, no integration, no tech onboarding time…just campaign prep and launch. Before you know it, a campaign portfolio containing every specific account you want to start relationships in (including those showing intent) will be launched and feeding your sales process.

Ask other account-based marketing agencies if they can offer this full suite of services. It’s okay, we’ll wait.


What’s different about Ampfactor ABM campaigns?

We offer short-term pilots as a bridge to longer-term account-based marketing engagements. One of our key difference makers in performance that you won’t find at any other account based marketing agency is our account-based sales development teams. For the longest time, MQL’s have been handed over to sales for very low (1%) conversion into sales qualified opportunities.

With our ADR’s included in your account based marketing program, you’re in complete control over the initial outbound and nurturing that happens to each target account. It completely changes the prospect’s experience because ADR’s are only focused on driving up quality engagement before they ask for a high call to action like a meeting or presentation. This dynamic drastically changes what marketing produces in terms of deal flow and marketing-influenced revenue.

Strategic ABM

We’ll develop a highly-targeted, orchestrated 1:1 (or “named account”) account-based marketing program that engages the buying councils or your target accounts. From custom assets to outreach to events, we’ll execute the complete program on your behalf.

ABM Lite

We create and deliver a custom, scalable 1:some (or 1:few) account-based marketing strategy that targets small groups of highly qualified target accounts. While not as targeted as 1:1 campaigns, ABM Lite still requires research, personalization and orchestration.

Scaled ABM

A scaled account-based marketing program (or “programmatic ABM”) targets larger lists of 100 to 1,000 target accounts that share similar struggling moments. Enabled by marketing technology, advertising and focused outbound programs, we will deliver results for your business.


ABM as a Service

Today’s complex sales require strategic collaboration between sales and marketing teams

Ampfactor is a one-stop account-based marketing agency that delivers results. If you’re still early in your ABM journey, if you want to do a pilot program, or if you need scale for your ABM efforts, we can create a bespoke ABM program and execute all the campaigns on your behalf.

Running on an account-based marketing tech stack doesn’t mean you forget all the essentials like PPC, dark social, creative campaign ideas, creating premium content. All these digital marketing plays work. ABM allows you to be a lot more focused to create specific business outcomes. So moving forward, this of ABM marketing as digital marketing plus and end to end ABM stack with all the bells and whistles (we built one so you don’t have to!)

We’ll work together with your marketing teams and sales team to develop an account-based strategy to select and target high-value accounts, and then we’ll do the heavy lifting and execution of the campaigns (as an account-based marketing agency should).


ABM Consulting

In the last few years, account-based marketing has emerged as a vital component of go-to-market for B2B businesses. ABM is not designed for every sales cycle or target account (and it’s definitely not the same thing as traditional lead generation).

Often, Ampfactor clients approach us to work together on account-based strategy, process, resources, technology and tactics to “unstick” a current marketing program. Or they need help getting started with augmenting their lead focused marketing investment with personalized campaigns to high value accounts.

If utilizing our ABM as a Service program isn’t quite what you need, our consulting practice can help your company align sales and marketing into a cohesive unit designed to produce revenue from key accounts. Learn more about what makes a successful ABM consulting engagement.

Strategy Development

Account-based marketing can be a powerful approach to targeting and closing new business. All successful ABM strategies begin with a situational assessment of where you are today, with a complete analysis of your entire revenue cycle (including details like sales cycle length, current marketing campaigns, costs, CRM, market and industry trends, etc.) We follow with an exercise to determine your objectives (company growth rate, dollars, customer mix, etc.)

We work together with your marketing and sales teams to develop an account-based marketing strategy that will deliver high value accounts and long term revenue growth. A good strategy is a long term roadmap for success in penetrating high value accounts.


Target Account Selection

It all starts with who. The most important component of any successful ABM program is ensuring that the target accounts are correct. We will help develop your ideal customer profile (ICP), which is not a wishlist from the sales team but rather is a data driven list of accounts most likely to buy from you based on past performance and future goals.

When choosing high probability accounts to target, we’ll help you use data (industry, firmographic, technographic, intent, and engagement) to select accounts. When we have a pool of target accounts for our ABM program, we’ll help you score each account for fit and determine which accounts to target first and why those accounts are so important for your program.


Account Planning

When we know the accounts (and we understand the struggling moments of the members of the buying council), we can help your ABM team with planning. If you’re going to target high value named accounts with classic 1:1 ABM, you’ll need a bespoke plan for each account with personalized content and attention from your marketing and sales teams.

If you’re targeting with ABM Lite or Scaled ABM campaigns, we can help you develop a less customized account plan for each account. These accounts will get individual research but not at the depth of more personalized plans. Our marketing consulting group will help with every step of this process.


Playbook Development

As we execute ABM campaigns (1:1 or at scale), every single word matters. Every message must add value. Every interaction and brand impression makes a difference. And it must be orchestrated if you’re going to get access into the high value accounts that your marketing team has identified.

Ampfactor helps develop the strategy for playbooks and the individual tactics that make up these orchestrations. From emails to LinkedIn to phone calls to ABM advertising to direct mail to events and much, much more, we can help your team develop a tactical ABM playbook that takes you past the concept of “qualified leads” into the true purpose of account based marketing.


ABM Agency Services

As any company matures and its B2B marketing and sales organizations grow, the need to adopt alternatives to the traditional lead generation and referral model also grows. You still need to do traditional digital marketing (and do it well) but you should also consider ABM as an alternative.

Ampfactor works with teams of all sizes who are all at different levels of ABM maturity. For some of our customers, we provide ad hoc account based marketing services, just as any B2B marketing agency might. (But we’re not just any agency.)

After you’ve built an ABM strategy, created a target industry and a target account list, aligned your sales and marketing teams, its time to create a

process for targeting the accounts, choose the channels that will work, identify the people to lead the effort, build a technology platform, and start putting the return in ROI.

Some of the core components of any account-based marketing program are content marketing, LinkedIn social selling, ABM advertising, event marketing, technology and marketing automation. We can help you execute the ABM strategy you’ve developed (or that we’ve helped you develop) with a full-suite of marketing services. And we can help integrate this with your existing digital marketing strategy.

ABM Content Marketing

Our content marketing programs typically include content audits and mapping, content strategy, and content creation. We start with an audit of your existing content inventory — what content do you already have, what is the job of each piece of content and what gaps do you have? Next, we can help develop your content strategy (goals, milestones, concrete success plan, and SEO implications) so you can have more personalized messaging.

But we don’t just leave you a honey-do list or set of instructions. We’re happy to create and deliver unique, relevant, valuable thought leadership that answers your prospect’s questions, addresses their struggling moments and helps close the loop in your sales cycle. From blog posts to e-books to videos to testimonials, Ampfactor has your back.

Social Selling

ABM + social selling makes the perfect partnership. The beauty in ABM lies in its agility that what makes social a great fit. Social selling helps you connect and engage with audiences, allowing your company to immerse itself in industry circles to uncover topics and pain points prospects are talking about.

Social selling is not a quick fix, but it’s an integral part of your ongoing ABM strategy. Social selling happens across all social media networks, but we believe the most powerful platform for B2B is LinkedIn. It makes the perfect place to use an ABM approach where you can carefully curate and market highly personalized messages.

Digital Experiences & Events

It’s a cliché to say that COVID-19 changed everything, but for field marketing and event marketing, it’s definitely true. Events–either in person or as digital experiences–have always been a core part of a successful account based marketing program, and they remain a critical cog in the flywheel. Events are a great b2b marketing channel for branding, but are also quite successful at making new connections and new contacts.

Ampfactor has experience creating, marketing, and managing successful ABM events and digital experiences for our partners. If you’re looking for pipeline contribution or net-new account engagement, an event can help with your integrated account based strategy.

ABM Advertising

Getting your brand in from of high value target accounts using programmatic display advertising is core competency of every successful account based marketing program. From our experience, ABM advertising is not something you want to dabble in, or do yourself — it requires the expert services of a trusted account based marketing partner like Ampfactor.

ABM advertising can be a game changer as part of your digital marketing mix. Using proactive advertising programs (from Terminus and other partners), you can reach the entire buying committee using highly targeted advertising. We find that a well-executed account based advertising campaign complements and amplifies other channels, and allows you to deliver personalized messages at scale to your customers.

Marketing Automation

Account based marketing (ABM) is a new way of orienting our B2B marketing processes and procedures, but it is still necessary to run the traditional playbooks that have always been successful. A program of robust lead nurturing or drip campaigns via your marketing automation platform is as necessary as every to penetrate high value accounts.

We help your team implement marketing automation systems that contribute to shorter sales cycles, increased conversion rates, increased ROI, and more revenue. We bring the resources, strategies and tactics to help companies ensure that their target audience gets personalized, effective marketing automation.

ABM Technology

Spoiler alert: you’re not just “one more tool” away from ABM success. We see organizations all the time collecting one platform (ads, automation, messaging, analytics, etc.) after another, without regard to an overall strategy. Ampfactor can help you develop an account based martech roadmap, so you’ll know that your teams can find success.

We assess your current processes and find gaps in your tools. We assess how mature your account based organization is, help your team build best practices, and help educate them. We identify and recommend which platform(s) will be best, taking into account the benefits for all members of your teams. And finally, we’ll help implement the tools.

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Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.