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ABM for Partner/Ecosystem Teams

Redefine how you monetize and scale partner ecosystems

Sell to, sell through, sell with. Ecosystem expansion. P2P collaboration.

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25+ SaaS and Service customers love us

“Ampfactor has helped us tie our tactic selection to our business growth strategy and drive our sales and marketing teams’ integration far beyond what it has ever been. It’s like they are both finally chasing after the same revenue targets.”

Sean Mares

Sean Mares

Chief Marketing Officer

Your new northstar

Identify your total ecosystem valuation with Customer Penetration Modeling (CPM).

CPM across the ecosystem is an analytical practice that reviels the actionable value two or more partners can go-to-market in a joint motion to drive revenue expansion.

  • Uncover hundreds of millions in uncaptured value that you can build a growth plan around.
  • Deploy done for you campaigns at your highest priority targets and enable partners with GTM execution gaps.
  • Drive engagement and loyalty by leading the relationship and owning the ABM execution with Ampfactor at your back.

Shift your Partner GTM

Strategically engage upstream and downstream opportunities

Your channel ecosystem likely has hundreds of millions of dollars of stalled or unseen pipeline opportunity. Unlock it with our programs.

Get to more deals, faster!

Capture millions in ecosystem revenues with joint GTM account-based campaigns.

Deploy “done for you” account based marketing campaigns at the edge of your partner ecosystem and put an actual plan in motion to go capture that revenue together.

  • Total clarity into revenue opportunity
  • Deeper and richer partner relationships with more consistent loyalty, engagement, and revenue production
  • Significantly stronger return on your investment


Ampfactor makes companies grow — exponentially

  • Full enterprise visibility across partner campaigns
  • Integrations across platforms
  • Analytics on macro/micro levels for program analysis
  • Accurate ROI calculations
  • Lead and call tracking across campaigns

Ecosystem expansion

Identify, isolate, and create high-quality partner relationships.

Having more partners used to have a direct relationship with how you could support their education and enablement. That’s just no longer the case. You need a group of hand-selected partners that are both loyal and highly engaged.

  • Rapidly scale your perfect partner recruitment and indoctrinate thousands of new sellers who can bring you into more deals
  • Digitize your enablement strategy to reach more and more sellers, wherever they are, whenever they are (online or offline)
  • Accelerate what’s possible for your team this year without the hassles of new organizational governance, systems, and processes

Ecosystem expansion

How’s it work?

Get intentional about the most valuable group of opportunities and partners in your network.

Getting the most out of your channel—partner—alliance—ecosystem spend has always been a challenge from a data, collaboration, alignment, and execution standpoint, there’s been friction from start to finish until now.

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Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.

Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.