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Don’t tinker with growth—Evolve your GTM with ABM

The proof is in the pudding. With ABM campaigns, you have a higher probability that marketing-generated deals will close.

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“Ampfactor has helped us tie our tactic selection to our business growth strategy and drive our sales and marketing teams’ integration far beyond what it has ever been. It’s like they are both finally chasing after the same revenue targets.”

Sean Mares

Sean Mares

Chief Marketing Officer

Shift your GTM

Launch high-performing ABM campaigns, right out of the gate.

There are financial, time, and complexity differences, but the real difference comes down to when you want to generate results.

Ampfactor ABM

ABM can be anything. To us, it’s everything.

Launch the right campaign with the right mix of creativity, on the right channels, at the right funnel depth.

Turn insights into demand

Why invest and build before you know what works best.

Don’t let the traditional way of running marketing bleed its way into a great strategy. You don’t need technology and a full scale team to start winning today, you can launch on our platform and learn faster.

  • Tap into insights from buyers from accounts in your ICP and leverage them to create value before they become a customer
  • Implement omnichannel orchestration to maximize engagement and sales qualified opportunities identification
  • Speak to as many future customers as possible.

Get strategic about campaign purpose

Full funnel experience management

Deploy campaigns with a sole job of accelerating buyer mindsets towards the next stage of the funnel.

  • Maximize velocity of new accounts across the demand waterfall towards sales qualified opportunity (and then to closed-won deals)
  • Create needs-based 1:1 campaigns for mid-funnel targets so they see their problem’s solution reflected back to them with relevance

GTM Collaboration

Boost productivity and deliver more revenue

It’s fun to get your hands dirty every once in a while but your growth vision isn’t going to make itself. Let us handle the laboring oar on the execution while your teams stay focused on strategic planning, resource allocation, building sales and marketing alignment, and all the other things that drive outsized or exponential results.

  • Work on the business and investment strategy of ABM, not in the execution of it
  • Focus on internalizing insights and generating new content and campaigns for razor sharp positioning and performance
  • Drive C-level activity across your GTM strategy with right insights and lessons learned

emphasize performance

Redefine speed to market

You have mutiple areas around the business to lead and service as you go to market. Go faster with a team that already has the ABM muscle you want to build.

  • Tap into our systems and processes already working to target over $3Billion in net new revenue for multiple business outcomes
  • Stand on the shoulders of giants and leverage the learning and communal education across all of our clients
  • Accelerate what’s possible for your team this year without making establishing new organizational governance, systems, and processes.

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Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.

Ampfactor Platform

Put the power to decide in the hands of those on the front lines.

The very best in Demand Gen and ABM technology enabled service subscriptions for B2B teams.