OODA pre-meeting intelligence

Aug 29, 2021

A client asked us for help with pre-meeting AI intelligence for the sales meeting he was holding in a few days with the US no 1 Retailer. The success on this account could contribute to crucial partnership and business opportunities.

The meeting was the first interaction and was held virtually. The goal of the meeting was to persuade and motivate the potential buyer and engage him to take the next steps. We received the list of attendees of the meeting – 8 members on the side of our Client and 4 people on their prospect side.

Setting up the stage

The highest performing teams manufacture short periods of rapid intelligence consumption right before performing.

The NFL and all sports teams watch film the week prior and study the folks they’re about to play against. The Military war games missions before executing from the highest level strategies down to small team missions.

Enterprise sales teams SHOULD be following this same pattern.

Here’s 3 core things we do for our enterprise clients that you can do to:

1. Analyze the 10k, annual reports, and content the account has interacted with to uncover relevant points of convergence (unique goals, unique risks, aspirational content).

2. Study the buying team individually, develop a playbook for how the sales team with engage in conversations with them, and create notes that will mitigate risks and increase the strength of the pitch review.

3. Facilitate a live walkthrough of the pitch and/or proposal review, if a $3M plus deal is on the line, you don’t want the actual meeting to be the first time you’ve gone through things outside of creating the actual deck. We routinely execute this to support our enterprise sales teams. Just reach out, we’ll show you how we do it.

How we did it

We started the intel by learning the context and a deep dive into the 10-k annual report to pull out the data that could be relevant to the meeting. As the service on the table was connected to facilities management and maintenance, we put our focus on modernization footprint and risk acknowledgment.

Next, we leveraged on the DISC personality prediction of participants, identifying their personality type based on structure and unstructured data publicly available to provide actionable information relevant for running a successful meeting.


We have seen many sales meetings fail because of the mismatch of DISC personality. When you are talking to a Sceptic, you want your salesperson to have a similar or complementary profile. Sending a Captain to get the Sceptic into a purchasing decision can be risky. Do you want to take that risk?

We went ahead and mapped the profiles of all meeting participants and uncovered their potential personality matches. We have provided insights and actionable suggestions on:

– Personality comparison
– Decision-making styles
– Persuading to take action
– Negotiating
– Making a sales pitch

Result? Here’s the comment we got from the Client:

” This is nextlevel.  Thank you!”

Let's get to work!

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Author: Kamila

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